Like a child taking the marshmallow test, decision makers have two options when dealing with questions they do not know the answers to. Only one of them paves the way for a bright future.

Imagine Strategy is calling. She wants your advice on how to get Culture to listen. What do you say?

What if Culture never meant to eat Strategy for breakfast? What if Culture and Strategy were colleagues trying to align their efforts?

Forget agile development, innovation and management — you need a culture where all levels of your organisation constantly adapt to change.

Successful CEOs empower reflection, relationships and shared responsibility. This is why.

Mads Nipper (CEO of Grundfos), Henrik Andersen (CEO of Vestas) and Cees´t Hart (CEO of Carlsberg)

Heidegger died before modern technology turned into digital technology, but he was right: Our relationship with technology calls for constant attention.

Uncertainty makes leaders human. Here’s why you should think of uncertainty as an opportunity.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash
  1. Shares his experience in a way that makes me understand my own experience better
  2. Listens to my questions and responds in a way that inspires me to ask new questions
  3. Empowers me to share my experience in a way that helps us move forward together

Pia Lauritzen

PhD in Philosophy. Author of "Questions" and "Questions: Between Identity and Difference". Founder of, a digital platform for data-driven strategy.

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